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We bring efficiency, accuracy, and compliance to legal drafting using AI

Integrate automation into your workflow

Do more, faster,and with confidence

We aim to revolutionize legal drafting with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to interpret nuanced conditional instructions at scale. By automating elements of document drafting, we strive to improve contracting speed, satisfy compliance needs, and reduce the number of manual errors.


Create a draft of prospectus from the template and questionnaire in minutes


Ensure consistency across the prospectus and supplements

Risks assesment

Create a draft of prospectus from the template and questionnaire in minutes


Create a draft of prospectus from the template and questionnaire in minutes


Built for Lawyers, by Lawyers and Engineers

Watch a short demo and see just how easy it can be to manage your document with Generait, or get the full interactive experience by contacting us for a demo and start enjoying the benefits of AI automation.



GDPR compliant

What We Offer

Our AI interface will assist the document creation at all stages. Choose the revisions based on your forms or introduce custom changes on the fly.


Proprietary tech, no code

With our advanced technologies, we are able to quickly and accurately process large volumes of data securely and efficiently. Our goal is to help our customers spend less time on tedious tasks and more time focusing on what matters to them.


Security & Privacy

We believe that the most reliable way to keep your data safe and private is not to store it. So we don't. Our processing center is located in Ireland, and our proprietary AI/ML models are trained on public data, meaning your knowledge is yours alone.



By using a combination of advanced Machine Learning methods and Natural Language Processing we cut down the time of document creation while ensuring consistency and compliance of resulting documents.


Ease of Use

Our no-code solution is easy to use and requires no custom deployment. Get started in just a minute in Word editor and create accurate customer-tailored documents in an instant.

Supported by the innovators

Based in DCU’s Insight Centre, and backed by Enterprise Ireland’s Commercialisation Fund Programme

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Visit us in School of in Computing, Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland or message

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