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Our Team

Meet the talented individuals who make up our team at Generait. Each member brings unique skills and expertise, working together to deliver exceptional results.

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Tomás is a full Professor of Data Analytics at Insight, School of Computing at Dublin City University. He has a strong commercialisation background. 

Tomas Ward

Principal Investigator

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Adam obtained his BSc. in Data Science from Dublin City University in 2023. His research interests are Natural Language Processing and Explainable Artificial Intelligence.

Adam Tegart

Machine Learning Engineer

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Daire is studying Law with Italian Law at the University of Oxford. Previously, he worked in funds in a Dublin law firm and at an asset manager. 

Daire O’Callaghan



    Eoin has a strong background in generative AI and NLP. He obtained his PhD from Dublin City University in 2022 in deep learning.

    Eoin Brophy

    Co-founder and AI Strategist

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    Kieron is an experienced Software Engineer with experience in developing business solutions/applications interacting with or functioning within MS Dynamics 2011-365 systems, as well as standalone web and desktop applications.

    Kieron Drumm

    Software Engineer

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    Anne Marie Duffy



      Yan is an interdisciplinary researcher working on the junction of computer science and humanities to produce efficient and ethical AI interfaces.

      Yan Asadchy

      Product Designer

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